Team Kaas-Pack Holland

Modernisation or improvement always starts with sincere interest in each other. In exploring opportunities by listening, getting to know each other and being enthusiastic about each other’s possibilities. Kaas-Pack has added value for their customers since 1993, by being a committed and sensible organisation. We know everything about cheese, we immerse ourselves in your process, our business has a flat structure and we consider a deal is a deal.

We believe everything about your process and your product needs to be addressed with care and attention. Therefore, we would like to know your wishes. Please contact us, we are happy to discuss with you how we can add value to your business.

Albert Koekoek
Albert Koekoek Managing Director About Albert Koekoek >
Erik Koekoek
Erik Koekoek Managing Director About Erik Koekoek >
Leo Smit
Leo Smit International Sales Manager About Leo Smit >
Steven Geurtsen
Steven Geurtsen International Sales Manager About Steven Geurtsen >
Erwan Le Pelvé
Erwan Le Pelvé International Sales Manager About Erwan Le Pelvé >
Jay Blokzijl
Jay Blokzijl Customer Service
A van Woudenberg
A van Woudenberg Customer Service
Jennifer Koekoek
Jennifer Koekoek Customer Service
Arjan van den Brink
Arjan van den Brink Purchaser
Bert Nijstad
Bert Nijstad Business Manager
Vincent Tigelaar
Vincent Tigelaar Dispatch manager
Jan Woering
Jan Woering Dispatch co-manager
Ingrid Vegter
Ingrid Vegter QA/QC Manager
Dimitri Ilievski
Dimitri Ilievski QA/QC Assistant
Lijsje Kooiker
Lijsje Kooiker QA/QC Assistant
Petra Kipping - Koster
Petra Kipping - Koster Financial Controller
Elzemieke Gersen
Elzemieke Gersen Financial Assistant
Melany de Jong - van Hattem
Melany de Jong - van Hattem Financial Assistant
Adrian Ballast
Adrian Ballast Process Manager
Ally Hutten
Ally Hutten Production Manager
Jonathan Fatbinan
Jonathan Fatbinan Production Planner
Gerjo IJmker
Gerjo IJmker Engineer
Roelof Everts
Roelof Everts Engineer
Harry Peters
Harry Peters Engineer
Marc van der Dam
Marc van der Dam Engineer
Gionne Bernadina
Gionne Bernadina canteen/cleaning staff
Miranda Löhr
Miranda Löhr canteen/cleaning staff