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Each industry is unique and sets its own conditions, in terms of product properties, units, packaging, and logistics requirements. Kaas-Pack understands these dynamics. Since 1993, we have been supplying to the food industry and food service throughout Europe.

Thanks to a unique combination of traditional knowledge and modern technology, Kaas-Pack Holland’s cheese products are customised to the needs and production process of different customers throughout Europe.

You can count on our continuity, specialist knowledge and skills.

Our packaging options are numerous

To guarantee the freshness of your cheese, Kaas-Pack takes great care over packaging. All processed cheese is kept in airtight gas packaging, to guarantee a shelf life of at least 63 days. The packaging can be customised to meet your requirements. For example, the label may include your logo, barcode, and article number. Labels in a different shape are possible as well.

The transport units can also be customised to your requirements. We can deliver your
products in plastic crates, (pallet) boxes, technifils, on H1-pallets, block pallets or Euro pallets, for instance, in a way that best suits your needs.

Kaas-Pack’s specialists are happy to give you advice, so packaging and transport units are customised to your process.

Your product, our grated, slices, cubes or specials

We love cheese. And we love the numerous possibilities it has. Owing to our profound knowledge of product features and years of experience in applications, our experts can advise you in terms of flavour, size, colour, melting features, compositions, and packaging.

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Get to know us

Cheese is an everyday product. We turn that everyday product into something that makes you happy! Everyday but never ordinary. In this philosophy, a good contact with our  customer is central. With an open and critical look, we improve our products and service. If you have any questions or suggestions, we like to hear them!