Cheese the Day!


Cheese the Day!

As Kaas-Pack, we want to be defined by the way we do our work, which is with pleasure and dedication. These may well be soft values, but they are values that have an impact on the whole process. Our slogan – Cheese the Day! –  radiates this message with our products. A cheerful greeting to our customers which also reflects our enthusiasm. 

One important aspect of our product is the packaging. This should protect the cheese and make it easier to use within your processes. 

Our labels, films and boxes display our Cheese the Day! slogan so that all our customers are aware of our optimised packaging. Something familiar and at the same time a quality guarantee for a fine and honest product. We hope that you are as enthusiastic in processing our products as we are in producing them for you!

Cheese: an everyday, tasty product that can be used in so many different ways.

At Kaas-Pack we turn an everyday product into something inspiring.