We give attention and care to your product

Kaas-Pack Holland is an independent family business with family values and a love for cheese. We run our business with heart, mind, and attention. At Kaas-Pack we think beyond efficiency and turnover. We value long-standing relationships, with our employees and suppliers, and of course with our customers. “When a relationship lasts long, you are able to build something beautiful!”

We are proud of our employees who daily deliver your and our product with interest, dedication, and care. For them, we create the right conditions and it is important they enjoy contributing every day to the growth of this beautiful family business.

We will give your product the attention it deserves.



The smallest details matter

Kaas-Pack Holland cheese products meet the most stringent international quality and safety requirements, matching the values and principles of our family business: good and reliable cheese at a fair price, with added value for our customers. Kaas-Pack Holland’s staff is well aware of their duty and responsibility to deliver an excellent product. After all, an excellent product is indeed the company’s best showpiece. From the purchase of an excellent basic product up to the delivery of customised products that meet our customer’s requirements and need. As agreed and right on time. Our certifications:

VLOG Gentechnik Certificate

Grated Cheese

IFS Certificate

BRC Certificate

BIO Certificate

Halal certificate

VLOG Gentechnik Certificate

Meadow milk certificate


Our staff and our working environment

We continually invest in our staff and in their working environment. Our goal is to run our business starting from our hearts and minds. The basis for good business goes beyond delivering a good product. Our conviction is everything should be right, for everyone.

Kaas-Pack pays continuous attention to quality. This is manifest in our protocols and investments in a broad commitment to quality. The environment we work and live in is important to us as well. We work with sustainable products where possible, and within sustainable processes that effectively counteract wastage. We believe that these matters contribute to a better future, a high-quality product, and a lasting relationship.